Monday, February 3, 2014

Thought Leadership Mondays

Just because I'll soon be takin' it easy, enjoying home-cooked meals and long walks in the land of my birth, it doesn't mean that I've forgotten my brothers and sisters - siblings, if you prefer - who work.

Here's a devil's dozen ways (and another few for the road) to creatively employ "thought leadership" in your next meeting, thereby expediting that climb up the corporate ladder:

  • Could you thought leadership me the salt, please?
  • Now, just where is my thought leadership? I can never find the darn thing when I need it!
  • If I thought leadershipped this unauthorized charge onto the expense report, d'ya think anyone'd notice?
  • I'll have some thought leadership with the chips, please.
  • Do you have change for a 100 thought leadership note?
  • You threw the baby out with the bathwater?! What were you thought leadershipping?!!
  • Did yesterday's thought leadership taste a bit off to you? This is my fourth trip to the loo.
  • How many programmers does it take to thought leadership a light bulb?
  • You see, when Beethoven thought leadershipped the Ninth...
  • What we've got here is failure to thought leadership.
  • Brother, can you spare a thought leadership?
  • That thought leadership on your nose doesn't look too good. Have you shown it to a doctor?
  • Does this thought leadership go well with my Lederhosen?
  • I'll take my thought leadership to go.
  • Watch out! There's a thought leadership coming right at us!
  • That was one heavy lunch... Time to grab 40 thought leaderships.
  • Thought leadership me up, Scotty!